AirMaster Evo

AirMaster Evo

Discover the ultimate combination of performance and energy efficiency with the AirMaster EVO

Introducing AirMaster EVO, Big Dutchman's ground-breaking innovation in fans for tunnel ventilation environments, featuring stepless variable speed powered by inverter technology.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in ventilation dynamics and building engineering, the AirMaster EVO delivers an optimal balance of air-moving capacity, energy efficiency, and airflow ratio. The result is consistent ventilation and reduced power consumption, even in high-pressure environments – ensuring precise and uninterrupted climate control.

Building on the success of the renowned V130/140 fan series, AirMaster EVO offers a premium-featured fan designed to excel in challenging, high-pressure environments. Despite its top-tier performance, we've made AirMaster EVO affordable for livestock producers in Asia.

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  • Achieve up to 70% energy savings with an efficient IE3 inverter motor that features variable speed functionality that can adjust the fans’ speed according to ventilation requirements
  • Built to work with superior stability and uniformity even under pressure of up to 110pa as tested by BessLab USA
  • Proven performance with high-quality galvanised steel structure and glass-fibre reinforced blades for worry-free operation year after year
  • Potentially faster return on investment from savings in power consumption, depending on power tariff in country of installation


  • IE3 inverter motor with variable speed for exceptional energy efficiency
  • BessLab certified to perform under pressure of up to 110pa
  • Available in 3- or 6-blade configuration to meet ventilation needs
  • Durable construction of high-quality, UV-resistant plastic
  • Available unassembled for lower shipping cost
  • Easy to retrofit in existing livestock houses
  • Power consumption from 1500 watts to 1600 watts, depending on series