AirMaster EVO

Proven Performance with Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Variable speed ventilation fan with inverter technology
for Egg, Poultry or Pig houses

Discover improved balance of performance and energy efficiency

The AirMaster EVO is the next generation upgrade to the existing Big Dutchman’s V130/140 fan series. Ideal for tunnel ventilation environments in Egg, Poultry or Pig production houses, the AirMaster EVO is based on a proven design featuring an IE3 inverter motor, along with a durable construction and industrial grade blades.

Providing a perfect balance of air moving capacity, energy efficiency and air flow ratio means the AirMaster EVO generates uniform ventilation with lower power consumption. Even in high pressure environments the fan’s operation is stable, delivering uninterrupted and precise climate control.

As the next evolution of Big Dutchman’s fan series, the AirMaster EVO is clearly a robust, high performing ventilation option for demanding livestock production.

Compared to traditional ON/OFF fans that draw more energy with every stop-start cycle, the AirMaster EVO features a variable speed inverter motor that can adjust the fans’ speed according to ventilation requirements.

This significantly reduces energy consumption – up to 70% in most applications – by minimising wasted energy. In fact, the motor often only runs at a top capacity of 60% as it does not need to make up for lost energy.

Up to 70%* More
Energy Efficient

Energy Savings Up to


with an efficient IE3 Inverter motor

*Actual energy savings is dependent on factors such as static pressure, house structure and external wind conditions.

Air flow ratio is a critical performance factor for ventilation fans as the amount of air a fan can move decreases if in-house static pressure is high. The AirMaster EVO is engineered for pressure stability, performing efficiently even up to 110* Pa of pressure – as tested by Bess Lab of the University of Illinois, USA.

This means that the AirMaster EVO is able to withstand high pressure environments to deliver uniform airflow throughout the production house. Together with the ViperTouch Dynamic Multistep control system, the house climate is consistently monitored and maintained for optimum animal comfort.

Uniform, Stable
Performance Always

Works Under Pressure Up to


As tested by Bess Lab

*Bess Lab performance test result available upon request

Certified by BESS LAB

Evolved from the successful line of the AirMaster V130/140 series, the improved AirMaster EVO carries on the philosophy of simple yet durable construction. The high-quality galvanised steel structure with glass-fibre reinforced blades and pretensioned V-belt are all proven to perform year after year.

In fact, Big Dutchman has sold over 70,000* fans -of the same construction - all across Asia since 2015. Now with an upgrade in performance and energy efficiency, the AirMaster EVO takes efficient climate control to a whole new level.

Robust, Proven Design
You Can Trust


Fans Sold in Asia since 2015

*Based on internal data of number of AirMaster V130/140 sold in Asia since 2015.

No doubt an initial investment is required to upgrade your ventilation system with the AirMaster EVO. However, the savings in power consumption will pay for the use of this fan many times over its operational lifetime.

You can expect a return-on-investment within 2.5 years*, or even shorter depending on the local power tariff in your country. Combined with regular preventive maintenance the AirMaster EVO will provide many years of worry-free use. This results in continuous investment returns, along with the added advantage of improved overall performance.

Fast and Continuous Return on Investment

Average ROI in


*ROI calculation is an average based on prevailing local power tariffs in Asia. Figure will also differ depending on climate condition at installation site.

The AirMaster EVO.

Now Available Across Asia

Ideal for brand-new houses or even as a retrofit replacement for aging fans, the AirMaster EVO is poised to improve climate control and optimise livestock productivity.

  • Available in 3 or 6-blade configuration

  • Unassembled option for lower freight cost

  • Easy installation on-site by experienced technicians

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