Frequently Asked Questions


What type of company is Big Dutchman Asia?
Big Dutchman Asia is a subsidiary of the German-based company Big Dutchman, which specialises in equipment and technology for livestock farming. These include solutions for Egg, Poultry and Pig production, as well as Horticulture and Insect Production.

What products and services does Big Dutchman Asia offer?
Big Dutchman Asia offers a range of products and services related to livestock farming, including housing equipment, feeding systems, climate control systems, waste management and farm management software.

Where is Big Dutchman Asia located?
Big Dutchman Asia is head quartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with branch offices in Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, most other Asian countries are represented by authorised distributors. Big Dutchman Asia also serves the Australian and New Zealand markets as part of its network, making it the only livestock technology company with the largest footprint in Asia Pacific.

Does Big Dutchman Asia sell products worldwide?
Big Dutchman Asia is part of the global Big Dutchman brand that is present in all 5 continents worldwide.  From Europe to Africa and the Americas to Asia. Big Dutchman is able to serve an international clientele with equipment and technologies customised to regional climate and requirements.

What industries does Big Dutchman Asia serve?
Big Dutchman Asia primarily serves the poultry, pig, and egg production industries, although its products and services can also be used in other livestock farming sectors. Among the latest offerings from Big Dutchman Asia includes solutions for horticulture and insect production, in partnership with reputed industry players.

How long has Big Dutchman Asia been in business?
Big Dutchman Asia has been operating in Asia for over 30 years, since its founding in 1992 initially as a sales office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has now gone on to become one of the most recognised livestock production suppliers in Asia with the largest regional hub outside of Europe.  

Can Big Dutchman Asia provide custom solutions to meet specific needs?
Yes, Big Dutchman Asia can provide custom solutions to meet specific needs of its customers and has a team of experienced engineers and technicians to design and implement customised solutions based on management style, local regulations, climate conditions and automation needs.

How does Big Dutchman Asia ensure product quality and safety?
Big Dutchman Asia has a rigorous quality management system that includes quality control measures at every stage of the product development and manufacturing process. Proven European technical expertise, along with digital and cloud technologies ensure Big Dutchman Asia’s products and equipment meet strict international quality standards.

What is Big Dutchman Asia's customer support process?
As a company with the largest network in Asia, Big Dutchman Asia can provide comprehensive customer support through a team of technical specialists and sales representatives. The company’s technical support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week in most Asian regions with technicians and spare parts on standby.

Does Big Dutchman Asia offer any training or educational resources for its products?
Yes, Big Dutchman Asia offers training and educational resources for its products and services, including online training courses and webinars, as well as in-person training sessions and workshops. These trainings cover product operations, digital systems, equipment maintenance, farm management and troubleshooting among others.