BFN Fusion + ViperTouch Packages

BFN Fusion + ViperTouch Packages

Digitise now with BFN Fusion to enhance your farm’s production and profitability

Digitisation with BFN Fusion means you are preparing your farm for the future. Developed specifically for livestock production, the system is flexible and adaptive to your operation and evolving requirements. Your investment in digitising with BFN Fusion today means you will continue to reap the rewards well into the future.

  • Continuous savings with more optimised and efficient operations driven by insightful production data
  • Real-time monitoring of all critical farm aspects on-site or on-the-go with easy remote access
  • Improved management with reduced production risks, human error and staff workload

Limited-time promotion! Get started with these digitisation packages

From now until 30 September 2024, Big Dutchman is offering exclusive BFN Fusion digitisation packages at discounted rates for maximum value. This is your opportunity to modernise older systems with the cloud-enabled BFNFusion software, or choose to upgrade to the latest 10” ViperTouch production computer at amazingly affordable prices.

Combo Package – SAVE 40%
OrbitX IoT Gateway with Cabling and Desktop Switch +
Upgrade ViperTouch 7” to ViperTouch 10” with 1 Year BFNFusion license
from €1,800

OrbitX Package
OrbitX IoT Gateway with Cabling and Desktop Switch
from 750

OrbitX – the gateway to BFN Fusion

  • Integrate to your existing farm network to interconnect data from all your farms
  • Secure production and climate data transfer to the BFN Fusion cloud in real-time
  • Device as a service: built-in SIM-enabled internet connectivity with automatic updates for latest features

ViperTouch Package
Upgrade ViperTouch 7” to 10” with 1 Year BFNFusion Software License
from 1,050 per unit

The New ViperTouch 10”

  • 10-inch touch screen – easier to view and operate
  • Get the latest up-to-date software with the fastest remote access ever with BFN Fusion
  • Newest hardware

All prices exclude standard installation. Supervision, Delivery and Travel costs will be charged separately and will vary depending on location.

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No matter the farm scale or existing system BFNFusion adapts perfectly

All types of farms can be digitised, and Big Dutchman is here to see to it that you get the most ideal solution for your production at the best prices possible. Here are two few examples of upgrade options:

Example A
One farm with controllers

Offers state-of-the-art technology for efficient and centralised control. BFN Fusion allows operators of modern houses to further optimise their production processes and benefit from improved data collection and analysis benefit, which leads to greater efficiency and productivity.

What is needed:

  • OrbitX in the control room with a ViperTouch in-line or inside the office building, along with internet access
  • ViperTouch 10” in each house with LAN connection
  • BFN Fusion software license for each house

Example B
Two farms with controllers

For operations that require centralised, cloud-based control and a comprehensive overview of multiple houses. It is even suitable for houses with different controller systems, as BFN Fusion offers a flexible and compatible platform that enables easy integration.

What is needed:

  • OrbitX in the control room with a ViperTouch in-line or inside the office building, along with internet access
  • 2 x OrbitX connection for 2 farms, 4 houses in each location
  • BFN Fusion software license for each house

*This BFNFusion promotion is limited to customers in the Asia region only.