Vista 330

Vista 330

Enhanced Grill-less Feed Pan for Optimal Broiler Feeding

Designed specifically for successful broiler growth, the Vista 330 is a functional and sturdy feed pan for birds of all ages.

For day-old chicks, the pan is lowered to the ground with a high feed level to ensure feed is accessible. As the birds grow, feeding is controlled by raising the feed line, which decreases the feed level in the pan to minimise wastage. Moreover, the grill-less design is especially useful for birds in the final grow-out phase, where they can easily access feed without any breast bruising.

Ease of maintenance is also a key factor with the screw-less snap on design, ensuring thorough cleaning is possible after each cycle.


  • Consistent and controlled feeding with the innovative 360° flooding mechanism enhanced with iDOL29 sensor that is illuminated and translucent
  • Minimal feed wastage with an automatic shut-off function, along with a grill-less design with 14 segments featuring all-round feed saving rim
  • Lower operational oversight as the pan comes with a single feed level that requires no adjustments
  • Convenient feed access, especially for day-old chicks as the pan features a lower rim height
  • Built-in bird protection that prevents chicks from entering the pan and disrupting the feed mechanisms


  • Diameter of 330 mm
  • Rim height of 47 mm
  • Rotatable and swings on pipe
  • Durable construction of high-quality, UV-resistant plastic
  • Thorough cleaning with a high-pressure water jet is possible