The mobile pig scales

With OptiScan, you can determine the weight of your pigs quickly and accurately. This is important to enable you to select only those pigs for slaughter that have reached the ideal slaughter weight.

Why? Because even experienced farmers and staff can never be absolutely sure that they estimate a pig’s weight correctly. OptiScan is a great help here by determining the weight quickly and accurately even while the pigs are in the group.


  • OptiScan is your digital helper that determines the weight of your pigs between 50 kg and 125 kg: objective, fast and accurate;
  • Use narrow time slots defined by the slaughterhouse to your advantage;
  • No need to move pigs before they are delivered because you determine their weight in the pen;
  • Perfect slaughter weights will pay off financially;
  • Weight checks in the group provide important information for feed adjustments;
  • Staff can handle OptiScan securely after a brief training period.