The computer-controlled electronic sow feeding system – animal-friendly, performance-related feeding

Individual and condition-based feeding of pregnant sows kept in groups. With CallMatic3pro, Big Dutchman offers a new electronic sow feeding (ESF) system that is based on the benefits of CallMaticpro, our globally successful ESF station. You will therefore be investing in a management system that is focused on animal welfare without disregarding functionality and efficiency. CallMatic3pro ideally combines the advantages of animal-friendly housing and a feeding method specially adapted to the requirements of each individual sow.


  • Suitable for static and dynamic groups
  • Optimised exit area with two gates; the sows cannot enter the station from the exit side
  • Trough with or without flap
  • BigFarmNet Farm Management System controlled


  • Operational terminal at the entrance gate; sorting unit
  • Up to two colour markers
  • Separate mineral dispensing