Rolling Curtain

Rolling Curtain

Fresh Air supply with Drop Down, Rolling-up and Rolling-down solutions.

The Rolling Curtain, used for big tunnel air intake openings in livestock houses, can be easily installed on site by sliding it into the groove of aluminum profile. This systems can also be used on the concrete wall as well as on sandwich panels.  

Roller curtains, a well-proven closing system due to the winding mechanism, can be perfectly protected while wound up: there is no room for rodents infestation and the curtain stays clean. Especially with lower temperatures in the mornings and to prevent draughts, curtains should always open from the top to the bottom as the cooler fresh air will enter the barn from the top. There is no stress on the curtain thanks to the compensation mechanism of the telescopic coupling.

In addition to the roll-down curtain, Big Dutchman also offers a roll-up curtain. With this system, the roller tube is not loaded with weight thanks to the special winch motor. This guarantees a reliable winding process and thus preserving the lifespan of the fabric. Winding systems that open from the bottom are available with a fixed drive or a climbing drive.


  • Increased service life
  • Easy to install on new and existing buildings
  • Easy limit switch adjustment
  • Comes complete with transformer, pulleys and cables
  • Cost-effective and simple to use