Energy-saving manure drying system for laying hen cages

Developed for use together with Big Dutchman’s proven UniVent manure belt system for layers, AirPaddle is a system that offers efficient drying while ensuring reduced ammonia emissions in the air.

AirPaddle is installed outside of the bird area, directly above the manure belt to create the air movement necessary for efficient manure drying. A simple but ingenious design using two traction cables work to rotate paddles made of flexible plastic strips. The movement of the plastic strip creates a constant airflow along the entire width of the manure belt. The air is drawn laterally from the aisle and the trough area, with minimal energy usage, resulting in perfectly dry manure every time.

The system is also built tough for worry-free use in the most demanding environments. Maintenance is also easy as the system can be easily accessed for thorough cleaning or parts replacement.


  • Fan-less, fully mechanical system that works with minimal energy consumption
  • Clever, low-weight design using flexible plastic strips for even more energy efficiency
  • Efficiently uses air inside the house for drying, which significantly reduces ammonia emissions
  • Unobtrusive as no space is lost at bird level as the system is installed below the bottom wire grilles
  • Easy maintenance and long service life


  • Flexible plastic paddles for corrosion free operation
  • Easily replaceable parts
  • Paddle oscillation rate: 1.5 times per second