Centralised Feed Storage & Feeding

Centralised Feed Storage & Feeding

Efficient and hygienic food storage and transport

Centralised feed storage promotes hygiene by isolating feed delivery process to minimise biosecurity risk. The isolated silos for receiving feed delivery prevent feed trucks that has traveled to multiple farms from getting too close to the animal housing area. This ensures great reduction in the risk of potential contamination that spread diseases across farms, thus protecting your investment. Once a feed delivery is received, the hygiene factor is retained when distributing the feed throughout the farm with an integrated transport system.


  • Safe central storage and convenient transportation of fresh feed to every individual house in the farm
  • Never run out of feed with built-in silo weighing and monitoring systems 
  • Improved efficiency and productivity with an automated feed transport system 
  • Low labour dependency and minimal wastage that reduces operating costs 
  • Improved animal health with the constant availability of hygenic, fresh feed


  • Central feed management systems will be designed based on your specific farm requirements