Sustainable, Eco-friendly Livestock Farming Made Possible

The environmental challenges of operating a livestock farm is clear and present, yet not insurmountable. The key is to find a balance between productivity, cost-efficiency and caring for the environment. From proper waste management to reducing emissions and optimising energy use to enhancing sustainability – Big Dutchman has the know-how and solutions to make green livestock farming in Asia a reality.

Waste Management

An investment into efficient, hygienic waste handling today is a commitment to be a responsible, greener livestock farmer well into the future. It is becoming increasingly important to ensure that the collecting, drying, treating, conveying, and storing of waste is done hygienically and with the lowest impact to the environment. Our waste management solutions not only effectively handle farm waste end-to-end, but also adds value with composting and pelletising systems for additional revenue.

  • Collection & Storing
  • Efficient Drying
  • Hygienic Composting
  • Pelletising

Digital Systems

Much effort has been put into technologies that digitise farm operations over the last decades. The smart combination of industry expertise, information technology and ingenious innovation has resulted in some of the best management, automation, data collection and control systems that can fast- forward your farm into the future. These digital systems are primed to offer operational ease while reducing the use of resources and carbon footprint.

  • Operation Automation
  • Efficiency Optimisation
  • Improved Livestock Welfare
  • Lower Labour Dependency

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable and energy efficient operations are critical elements that can make or break the success of your livestock farm. From stable power supply to systems that optimise internal climate, these products and equipment are must-haves for any farm that is looking to reap the reward of savings and lower operational costs, along with a boost in environmental credentials.

  • Heat Recovery
  • Efficient Ventilation
  • Solar Power System
  • Optimised Climate Control

Air Cleaning

Be it the problem of toxic gases in the air or odour issues, reducing polluting emissions is one of the first steps to operating an environmentally friendly livestock farm. Air scrubbers developed by Big Dutchman are some of the most robust and effective systems available to keep emissions within even the strictest thresholds, directly reducing carbon footprint and enhancing lives.

  • Efficient Air Scrubbers
  • Reduced Ammonia Emissions
  • Reduced Odour Emissions
  • Improved Particle Filtration