We Build, Equip, Automate and Grow Your Egg Production Business

Traditional, barn, free-range or organic – a profitable egg production farm is a synergy amongst the building, equipment, management, environment, and support services. At Big Dutchman, our know-how along with over a half a century of experience on-the-ground results in our one-stop solutions being purpose-build, seamless and comprehensive.

The Right Build

We put you in control right from the start – no compromises, no constraints. This means every aspect of your farm will meet your exacting needs from conception to completion. It is this holistic, proactive approach that paves the way towards operational excellence and a farm that delivers profits.

  • Planning and design for efficient production, maximise pullet and layer cycle, enhance biosecurity and ensure safe egg handling
  • Set up of optimum egg production flow to accurately meet customer demand
  • Proactive after sales service that ensure continuous operation and maximum productivity

Growth Ready

As your partner for growth, Big Dutchman is with you every step of the way. All our solutions are primed for growth, via modular systems and upgrade options to help you achieve continued business sustainability. And our growth in innovation and technology means you have access to the best, well into the future.

  • Equip your operational team with all the knowledge and best practices for efficient farm operations
  • Transfer of know-how and expertise to effectively manage the layers to achieve maximum yield
  • By your side to navigate current and future challenges to ensure sustainable growth

Smart Egg Farming

The egg farm of the future is in fact available now. Over the last few decades, Big Dutchman has been developing structures, equipment and digital systems that are integral to transform traditional farms into advanced egg production facilities.

  • Holistic, integrated approach that combines all key elements of a farm into a unified system that operates in efficient harmony
  • Self-learning, automated climate systems with absolute minimum human intervention for maximum egg production even in the most challenging Asian climates
  • Full control with in-built precision monitoring systems of all key operational aspects controlled via digital software for maximum production efficiency
Get the Virtual Experience

Get the Virtual Experience

Explore inside our egg production houses in 3D for a real-world feel of how a Big Dutchman facility operates.

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