Big Pan 2

Big Pan 2

An advanced feed pan

Big Pan 2 is an upgraded version of its predecessor, Big Pan, and offers several benefits to broiler growers. It is integrated with the FLUXX 330 feed pan and thereby, comes with the spin ‘n lock technology. The pan’s range of application is vast as it covers Broiler Finishing, Pullet Rearing, and Layers. It increases broiler productivity by offering more flexibility and reducing feed wastage.


  • Easy to clean because of its smooth surface
  • Comes equipped with a shut-off feature
  • Offers 7 different feed level adjustments
  • Integrated with the features of FLUXX 330


  • Option to have a volume reducing insert
  • V-shaped pan bottom
  • Has inward-curved rim offering a controlled feed to birds
  • It swings freely from an in-built hinge.