The automatic colony nest for broiler breeders (no manure pit or slat level)

The RelaxGo colony nest is ideal for broiler breeders for their entire life span, from day-old chicks to the final phase.

The nest grows with the litter - the entrance to the nest is always at the optimal height for the birds, increasing the hens’ nest acceptance. This is because the entire nest row is automatically lifted up under the ceiling and lowered back down into the litter after the rearing phase using winches. 

This colony nest does not have a manure pit and the corresponding slat level. Gentle and automatic egg transport ensures a high hatching egg quality with minimal effort.


  • Ideal for the whole life span, from day-old chicks to the final phase
  • Maintained at the ideal height for the birds because the nest is lifted up under the ceiling using winches during the rearing phase
  • Increased nest acceptance due to low nest entrance
  • Automatic, gentle egg transport for high hatching egg quality


  • No need for a manure pit with slat level
  • Flexible arrangement of nest sections and passages
  • Easy retrofitting of existing broiler breeder houses to an automatic nest with automatic egg transport.