Enhanced with MalePan

It is important to feed males separately to ensure a high fertility rate and good chick quality. Therefore, feeding the males separately from the females with a specially formulated feed guarantees that the males will receive a balanced amount of nutrients. A conveying tube with auger (Augermatic) transports the feed to the pans. The feed lines are raised until the birds cannot reach the pans.


  • Rapid, simultaneous and even distribution of feed to all pans throughout the entire house
  • Space-saving system
  • Adjustable height to prevent the females from reaching the feed
  • Suitable for any house length
  • Easy cleaning with the open trough design


MalePan (Ø 330 mm)

  • 5-arm grill
  • Ideal for 5 to 9 males
  • With or without feed shut-off
  • Fixed, stable connection to the pipe

MalePan Plus (Ø 330 mm)

  • Comes with a sectional dish
  • Volume reducer inside the pan