A welfare barn with solid flooring

The innovative and technologically advanced Havito welfare barn and the pig toilet PigT are nothing short of a futuristic vision brought to life by Big Dutchman.

The goal of the creative housing concept is to meet the needs of the pigs by working with functional areas.

The PigT pig toilet quickly separates urine and faeces. The manure is regularly removed from the pen using a plastic belt which is a part of the floor of the pen. There is a pan to collect the urine. Consequently, manure and urine are instantly separated right after defecation, ensuring almost zero emissions of ammonia.


  • Better air quality for both pigs and humans since the emissions of NH3 are almost nil, in the barn as well
  • No slatted floor and slurry, for the pen is structured and has a continuous solid floor
  • Easy to offer organic enrichment material and roughage
  • Suitable for finishing of long-tailed pigs
  • Animal welfare is taken care of as ammonia emissions are very low
  • No need for any additional separation because there is a drying system to further process the manure


  • There is a “bedroom”, “dining room”, a “bathroom” with toilet, and a “playroom” inside each pen