A futuristic concept that provides an environmentally sustainable and animal-friendly piglet rearing and finishing

You must have wondered whether pig production on straw that fulfils the needs of animals is still profitable or not? Indeed! Xaletto, an animal-friendly and environmentally tenable straw bedding concept, provides an efficient system for both pig finishing and piglet rearing. It can be used in ventilated open-air barns or in closed houses.

A tremendously effective straw bedding concept, Xaletto is a result of the combined efforts by Big Dutchman, an experienced farmer, and the feed producer BrÖring.

The necessary things needed to keep in check for making the concept of Xaleto successful include an ideal feeding concept, labour-saving straw management, an optimal water management, and a well-adjusted ventilation concept.


  • Environmentally sustainable and animal-friendly
  • Ensures excellent health for animals and is appropriate for undocked pigs
  • Prevents pigs from behaving aggressively amongst themselves thanks to its intensive rooting in the straw for enrichment
  • Keeps building costs for new barns on the lower side as there is no slurry or manure runoff
  • Approximately 20% lesser emissions when compared to similar straw-based systems in closed houses
  • Offers a nutrient-rich, supreme-quality, and saleable compost since it allows the decomposing manure to be composted after the batch


  • It requires approximately 50% lesser straw when compared to the quantity recommended by the German Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture (KTBL)