510pro production computer for feeding

Accurately monitored and controlled feeding is a critical aspect to ensure sows and piglets remain healthy as they grow. Big Dutchman’s controller for feeding is a computer-aided and secure way to provide optimised nutrition for all pigs, no matter their growth stage. 

Controlled via the BigFarmNet management system, the 510pro production computer makes the task of managing feeding a simplified affair. From the point of portioning the feed and conveying to dispensing and monitoring, everything can be done accurately, timely and efficiently.


  • Easy to use controls with overviews and current statuses 
  • Reduced human intervention for error-free operation 
  • Intuitive operation with insightful feeding data 
  • Be in the know at any time, from anywhere with the BigFarmNet system
  • High efficiency feeding operation with minimal waste



The 501pro production computer covers all aspects of feeding, including: 

  • Sorting scales 
  • Liquid and dry feeding 
  • ESF stations 
  • Individual feeding in the farrowing area 
  • Feeding for suckling pigs