A feeding system that significantly improves digestion and lactation in sows

EasySlider is a computer-controlled dosing device mounted underneath the volume dispenser in farrowing pens, enabling the sow to decide the time and quantity of her meal. All a sow has to do is trigger a pendulum inside the feed pipe, and if the sow is entitled to receive the feed, the trigger will dispense a portion. When a pre-determined eating time is over, the sow can demand the next portion, ensuring measured and controlled delivery of feed. 

Used together with the BigFarmNet Management system – an individual feed curve can be set for each sow with meals being distributed throughout the day automatically, up to 5 times.


  • Suckling pig losses are prevented as the sow is free to decide when to eat
  • Lesser feed losses and zero old feeds in the trough because of individual feeding in the farrowing pen
  • Improved hygiene due to the availability of fresh feed in the trough
  • Stress-free environment for piglets and sows since the system makes little noise while operating
  • Easy to clean and the maintenance cost is minimal since the dosing unit is removable and the feed pipe has an opening at the upper end
  • Affordable and efficient


Using the BigFarmNet control system, EasySlider can be configured to: 

  • Set feed quantity per sow, per day 
  • Monitor eating behaviour and health 
  • Program eating times