Automatic feeding with feed valves

The CulinaFlex pro system uses a feed valve to distribute time-controlled feed automatically. There is a sensor inside the trough to determine if it is empty or has feed left for the piglets. 

This award-winning feeding system is highly hygienic and reduces work for sow managers since it is automatic, doesn’t require cross-fostering, and eliminates the need for nurse sows.


  • Improves the fertility of the sows after weaning and also reduces weight loss and augments the health of the sows, thus allowing them to carry more litters
  • Reduces sow exhaustion from nursing and ensures a stress-free suckling period
  • Piglets have higher weights of up to one kilogram and the variation in weaning weights is also minor
  • Fewer piglet losses and results in more superior-quality piglets.
  • Easier start at the flat-deck as the piglets are already accustomed to feeding from cups.


  • Eliminates cross fostering and offers 24-hour feed.