Manure Removal Belt

Manure Removal Belt

Efficient, hygienic, and simple

Removal of manure from the poultry house is an essential aspect of house maintenance. Usually, a manure remover leaves behind odour, emits pollution, and makes the barn environment hard to survive in. The Manure Removal Belt is developed keeping in mind all these aspects. The end set of the belt is galvanised to offer extreme protection against corrosion. The polypropylene belts, which collect the manure from inside the cages, are cleaned on each tier by the single or double manure belt scrapers.


  • Offers manure collection inside cages
  • Maintains hygienic conditions throughout its operation
  • Emits low pollution and odour
  • Provides a comfortable barn environment
  • Offers protection against corrosion


  • Manure is collected by Polypropylene belts inside the cages