FlexLED Eco

FlexLED Eco

Compact LED lamp with an attractive price to performance ratio

FlexLED eco is a small LED lamp whose output is similar to that of a 25-watt bulb. In addition to the standard version, we can also offer a transparent option. The installation process is the same as with the other FlexLED lamps.

FlexLED eco standard produces a directed light beam, perfect to illuminate a feed pan, for example. The light from FlexLED eco transparent is dispersed in all directions, making this lamp the ideal lighting solution for the area below the aviary.


  • Can easily be retrofitted into any existing system
  • Requires very little space
  • Easy installation process
  • Attractive price : performance ratio


  • Small LED lamp with output similar to a 25-watt bulb
  • Transparent option is available
  • The standard version produces a directed light beam
  • The transparent disperses light in all directions