Natura Nova

Natura Nova

For organic, free range and barn egg production

NATURA Nova is Big Dutchman’s classic aviary system with a signature feature whereby the bottom nest, feed and water sources are all on the same level.


  • Easily accessible by the hens, increasing nest acceptance
  • Provides farm staff with a good overview of the flock
  • Allows the birds to make short jumps between the functional areas for resting, eating, drinking and egg laying, due to the stepped design
  • Provides more room for the hens to move because 100 percent of the house’s floor is scratching area
  • Good utilisation of the house surface due to the large usable area
  • Decreasing the ammonia content in the air and improving hygienic conditions in the barn, as manure collection is done by the manure belts below the levels and transported out
  • Easy for the pullets to get used to the aviary after they are moved in because feed and water are readily available
  • Reduces hotbeds for mites and increases welfare due to the clever design


  • The raised connection aisle helps with daily bird inspection
  • At the beginning, the system is easily closed off with netting