ST Elevator

ST Elevator

Ideal for short systems, reliable egg transport

Although a standard system, the ST is a clever egg elevator that transfers eggs onto the chain in a set pattern to ensure that no eggs are transferred onto already occupied steps. If a barn houses birds of different age groups, the ST can also be used to collect eggs per row or per flock with proper matching of the conveying capacity and laying performance.

This system of dosing wheels, chains, grilles and belts work in tandemto transfer eggs at varying heights – be it for manual or automatedcollection.

Dosing wheels transport the eggs onto the elevator chain, from wherethey are moved down­wards to the lower sliding grille. The chain turnshere and then transports the eggs upwards to the desired height,where they are transferred onto the cross belt. The transfer can becarried out at any height, but the standard height is 2.10 m (Q 210) to guarantee a clearance height of 1.95 m. If a manual collectiontable is installed, the transfer height lies at 80 cm (Q 80)


  • Large collection capacity of up to 16,500 eggs per hour, per elevator, depending on system configuration
  • Easy, unobstructed access to all cage rows
  • Less space required in the end set area
  • Suitable for all cage types


  • Standard height at 2.10 m for a minimum clearance of 1.95 m
  • Manual collection height can be set at 80 cm