Efficient egg collection system

The EggCellent-DT is a vast egg collection system that offers direct egg transfer from the egg belt to the elevator chain. It provides ease, comfort, and accuracy in the transfer of eggs. The system uses a deflector to spread the eggs across the elevator chain’s entire width.


  • Does not require a drive column and rod conveyor since it comes with an integrated egg belt drive
  • Allows direct transfer of eggs from the egg belt to the elevator chain
  • Has a large collection capacity
  • Supports all cage types
  • Ensures safe egg transport
  • Simple to adjust and assemble
  • Transfers egg via wire mesh ensuring dirt and wind eggs are collected in boxes after falling through the grid 
  • Can collect eggs simultaneously from several tiers
  • Needs minimum maintenance
  • Makes it easier to access all cage rows because of cross collection


  • Requires a motor
  • Width of the egg belt is 95 mm