Egg Smart

Egg Smart

Automatic egg collection system

EggSmart is a much improved and efficient egg transport system that requires very little end set space. It first transports eggs from the longitudinal belts to the elevator chain and then finally onto the cross belts. It doesn’t require much space and offers quality output within a small space setting. The EggSmart system needs no additional dosing units. To avoid dirt and eggs without shell from reaching the elevator chain, the rod conveyor uses a cleaning mechanism.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Helps transport a high number of eggs
  • Ensures swift egg transport
  • Affordable to maintain since it doesn’t require any dosing units
  • Can easily access all cage rows, for it uses the cross-collection mechanism
  • Requires less container space since it comes with few parts
  • The rod conveyor is highly resistant to corrosion since it is built from glass-fibre reinforced plastic


  • Offers simultaneous egg collection from up to 4 tiers
  • The maximum number of tiers is six
  • Its maximum conveying capacity is approx. 9000 eggs/h/row