Radiant Tube

Radiant Tube

Heating mechanism to keep the temperature under check

Being amongst the most cost-efficient heater, the Radiant Tube mechanism ensures efficiency in operations. It can be used in all kinds of farms because of the several lengths it comes in. It has aluminized reflectors and is proficient in controlling the flame shape inside the tube.


  • Calorized steel tubing for added durability
  • It is available in propane or natural gas
  • There are secured hanging brackets to the tube
  • Offers moisture vaporization from within the tube


  • Has up to 150,000 btu radiant and comes with aluminized reflectors
  • The length varies from 30 to 50 ft
  • Offers push through and pull through models
  • Comes with Direct Spark Ignition and Cast Burner
  • The flame shape is controlled inside the tube