MemFis Mobile

MemFis Mobile

An automatic, flexible, and efficient mobile separation and filtration system

The utilisation of slurry produced by large-scale agricultural enterprises in an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective way has been challenging for the owners of such enterprises, especially those located in places with heavy livestock farming.

Furthermore, it is not pocket-friendly to transport the slurry to a distant place. Neither is there a high availability of nearby farmland rich in adequate nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen. Keeping all the factors in mind, the need to effectively treat slurry and digestate from biogas plants is rising significantly.

Big Dutchman has developed a creative approach to cater to this issue with its ready to connect MemFis mobile separation and filtration system.


  • An environmentally sustainable system, specifically for the regions with intensive livestock farming
  • Offers a completely automatic input substrate treatment over a two-stage process
  • Along with pig and cattle slurry, it is also suitable for digestate from biogas plants
  • A cost-effective and flexible system that can be used at different locations according to requirement
  • The solids separated can be pelletised and dried or later put to use in biogas plants
  • Makes it easier to spread or spray the filtrate with low nutrient content on the farmland


  • System integrates Big Dutchman innovative, patented ultrafiltraton module
  • Yearly up to 14,000 m3 of input substrate can be filtrated and separated by the system
  • The system doesn’t require a building permit as it comes in a 40-foot container
  1. 40-foot container
  2. One connection for the input substrate and one connection for the liquid proportion after separation or ultrafiltration
  3. Screw press separator
  4. Sedimentation tank for the liquid proportion after separation
  5. Ultrafiltration storage tank
  6. Ultrafiltration module
  7. Pump skid for all Ultrafiltration sensors and technology
  8. Control cabinet for fully automatic aontrol of MemFis mobile
  9. Discharge of the solids with a conveying auger