The certified air scrubber for broiler houses

Pollo-M is a single-stage chemical air scrubber for use in broiler growing. The filter element is mounted horizontally in the exhaust air tower for a large contact surface. 

Pollo-M system is monitored by conductivity sensor and pH meter, to ensure  the process water reaches a pH value of ≤ 3.3, for effectively scrubbing and removing ammonia in the exhaust air. For this, the process water is sprayed onto the packing after being acidified by sulphuric acid automatically.

Ammonia present in the air is firstly dissolved into ammonium ion. The process water which contais sulphate ion, will then react with ammonium ion, and  created the stable fertilizer salt called ammonium sulphate, as the end product.


  • Ensures significantly less ammonia and dust emissions
  • DLG SignumTest of the German Agricultural Society passed (Test Report 6260)
  • Reduces the air resistance due to the filter element’s large surface area, thus leading to lower energy consumption
  • Efficient pump technology for the rinsing water also reduces energy consumption
  • It can be controlled remotely
  • Offers easy accessibility
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Records all important values using the data logging system