A New Culture in the Works

25th January 2022
A New Culture in the Works

Big Dutchman unveils a new HR Competency Model 

Recognising the immense value of our workforce, the Human Resource Department of Big Dutchman International rolled out the new BD Competency Model.

This revamped framework consists of 5 Core Competencies and 1 Optional Competency designed to define job performance for all Big Dutchman staff – from junior personnel all the way to senior management.

These set of core competencies have been developed organically over many decades. It is aimed to shape the way Big Dutchman works and make a difference as one big, proud family. The competencies identified, include:

  • Achievement Orientation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Commitment
  • Organisational Skills
  • Communication
  • Leadership

The implementation of these competencies company-wide is a precursor to not only excellence in staff performance, but also serves as a blueprint to pursue our mission of being the world’s most trusted livestock management brand.

The competency model was introduced throughout the Big Dutchman Asia regional offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Myanmar.