The feed pan family for professional rearing and growing of turkeys

A feeding system for turkeys must fulfil specific requirements according to the production cycle and the birds’ age. During rearing, the feed must be easily accessible for the birds, and feed wastage must be kept to a minimum. Moreover, the Imperator’s easy-to-exchange dishes and cones help the turkey producer to create ideal conditions for the birds at all times.


  • Ensures feed is always fresh
  • Good accessibility to the feed
  • Easy to check feed flow because of the transparent cone
  • Hygiene cone stops poults from entering the pan
  • High flexibility due to the modular design
  • Easy to mount and clean due to the low number of parts
  • Durable due to high-quality materials used
  • Simple to replace individual parts
  • Curved, soft pan rim prevents breast bruising


  • 4-arm grill ensures a stable shape, easy access to the feed and good illumination
  • Pan can swing freely at the pipe