FW99 / FW9940

FW99 / FW9940

Accurate feed weigher

Big Dutchman’s silos are renowned for efficient and hygienic feed storage. This is further enhanced with the integration of the FW9940 feed weigher to accurately weigh feed consumption in poultry houses.  

The FW9940 weighs the feed with precision before it is transported to the houses. Compared to the well-established FW99, this upgraded option offers far better conveyancing capacity and efficiency. 

It comes with a weighing hopper having a maximum capacity of 40kg. The hopper is suspended at two load cells which help in transmitting the weighing signal to the computer.


  • Offers a high mass flow ranging up to 9/h1 (tons p/hr)
  • Easy to assemble and manage
  • Provides extreme resistance to dust, splash, and water
  • Ensures accurate measurement of the feed


  • Comes in two versions
  • The feed weighing hopper has a maximum capacity of 40kg