AutoLimit Scale

AutoLimit Scale

Ideal feed monitoring

Poultry feeding should be done in a controlled manner for it to have positive and lasting impacts on the birds’ health. Suited for floor management, the Big Dutchman Autolimit Scale is designed for controlled feeding whereby predetermined feed quantities are distributed to the feed lines at fixed times.

When used in combination with chain feeding, the Autolimit Scale supplies the exact daily ration from the silo or storage container. It works by limiting the feed quantity when a pre-set weight is reached, ensuring optimal delivery of feed to the birds.


  • Automated feed measurement to provide exact nutrition for the birds
  • Sensor activated limiter based on feed weight
  • Affordable and efficient
  • Corrosion free and more durable with hot galvanised coating


  • Suited for dry feed only
  • Offers a weighing capacity from 100kg to up to 2300kg
  • Filling and metering out can be optionally controlled via time switches