Smart Farm Management and Control

BigFarmNet is a revolutionary digital system to systematically manage livestock farming operations. It is a well-thought-through, reliable management tool to help simplify and optimise production, while ensuring seamless navigation of current and future challenges. 

The clever use of technology means all farm data is securely integrated and available in real-time, enabling you to make faster more insightful decisions to maximise performance and profits. Available for farms of all sizes, BigFarmNet gives you the peace of mind and more time to focus on animal wellbeing, ultimately delivering the best possible results. 

As your business grows, the system can be configured to give you a complete overview of your livestock houses, farms and value chain for precise management from a single access point, no matter where you are.


  • Intelligent hardware, software and services to control & manage your farms efficiently
  • Secure, easy to use analysis tools and visual to help you improve your production
  • Thoroughly tested and continuously developed since 2005
  • Digitally records climate and production data; such as FCR, bird weights, daily gains, egg count, laying rate, feed programs, power consumption and more
  • Improves your production with efficient analysis tool, easy to understand visual charts and symbols
  • Measures performance with pre-installed breeding standards
  • Detailed alarm log for quick reaction and monitoring
  • Secure access and monitoring of your farm anywhere on-the-go with our Mobile App


Working with Big Farm Net is simple and easy: 

In the barn:
- Access via ViperTouch controller

In the office:
- Access via PC to manage, analyse and compare data 

- Access via BigFarmNet mobile app to view data, make changes and confirm alarms