The feeding system for successful poultry growing

A feeding system for poultry growing must meet very high standards and be versatile enough to cater to all types of birds at any ages. Easy access to feed and minimal feed wastage are among the top considerations. 

To cater to all the requirements, Big Dutchman offers a variety of feed   pans that can be filled with feed by the AugerMatic conveying system:

BigPan 330

The well-proven feed pan for broiler growing

An animal friendly for broiler growing that is easy to assemble, clean and maintain. Thoughtful engineering with smart features such as:

  • Smooth rim to prevent breast bruising during the finishing period
  • Simple feed level adjustment just by spinning, allows for accurate flooding for day-old chicks
  • Pan rim curved inwards, preventing feed spillage and wastage
  • Technical advantages such as a screwless snap-on system, free-swing or fixed pan, sliding shut-off and deep-sitting V-shaped bottom for day-old chicks

Big Pan Plus

For controlled growing of broilers and rearing of ducks 

Ideal for controlled growing of broilers or rearing of ducks, this pan system is made for birds   that weigh more than 2kgs.


  • Proper development of cardio-vascular and skeleton to keep pace with the increase in weight
  • Rapid, controlled feed distribution throughout the entire house during each feeding time
  • Less damage to the skeleton, as well as lower leg and foot problems
  • Improved feed conversion that results in smaller fat deposits and lower mortality
  • Precise attainment of desired weight for the day of slaughter
  • Technical advantages such as volume reducing insert and a sectional dish

Other pans that can be filled by AugerMatic include MultiPan and MultiPan Plus