CombiTunnel Ventilation

CombiTunnel Ventilation

For the ideal climate in your poultry house at all times

If there ever was a ventilation concept that checks all the boxes, then the CombiTunnel Ventilation is it. Combining two different ventilation systems, it creates the perfect climate conditions for poultry houses anywhere in the world, ensuring a secure production process.

Tunnel Mode
Tunnel mode is activated when outside temperatures are high. This creates a good cooling effect while consuming little energy.

Side Mode

Side mode is activated when outside temperatures are low. Since the fresh air is not supplied from one central point, temperatures are uniform everywhere in the house.

CombiTunnel Ventilation is a simple and effective concept that uses proven Big Dutchman equipment such as pressure-resistant exhaust fans, robust air inlets and cooling pads to create the most ideal environment for the birds. And when used together with the ViperTouch climate computer, the temperature in the house is optimised at all times, mitigating issues such as heat or cold stress, while increasing bird welfare and improving performance.


  • Covers a wide temperature range and is therefore ideal for all climate zones
  • Temperatures in the house are at an optimal level over the entire year: healthy birds, high performances, good feed conversion, low mortality
  • With low outside temperatures and in side mode, the low air flow rate can be regulated very precisely to maintain even temperatures in the entire house
  • With high outside temperatures and in tunnel mode, high air speeds are possible at bird level to make use of the windchill effect
  • The ViperTouch climate computer allows for a smooth transition from side to tunnel mode and vice versa


Recommended equipment for Tunnel Mode:

  • Exhaust Fans: AirMaster Blue 140C, AirMaster 140 and 130, AirMaster EVO series
  • Fresh Air Inlets: Multivent Shutters
  • Cooling System: Rainmaker, Tunnel Door

Recommended equipment for Side Mode:

  • Exhaust Fans: AirMaster Blue 130, 36 inch wall fan or for multi-step control
  • Fresh Air Inlets: CL1200 or CL1911F wall inlets