Spot Brooders

Spot Brooders

Harmless and efficient spot brooding heating

Spot brooding is essential to maintain temperature inside the poultry house; however, it is not limited to just one function. Apart from brooding temperature, air quality is also necessary. Our spot brooders ensure zero harmful emissions, come with zero chances of carbon monoxide emission, and do not burn oxygen. Overall, they are great to have in the farm.


  • Helps produce healthy chicken as it doesn’t cause any harmful gas due to incomplete fuel combustion
  • Prevents respiratory diseases
  • Keeps the chicken house clean by not causing blackening
  • Saves energy as there’s no need for frequent ventilation. Since it doesn’t burn oxygen there is no shortage of oxygen in the house
  • It is waterproof and its Carbon Fiber Lamp comes with a long life of approx. 8000 hours
  • Zero risk of mass death as there is no chance of ventilation fan failure


  • Has safety certificate from several countries like Korea, Germany, North America, etc.
  • It has been patented in China and Korea
  • It has a tilt switch function that turns off automatically when the tilt in the carbon heated floor is over 30 degrees while the floor falls
  • The lamp can be replaced using a single button