AirMaster Blue 140C

AirMaster Blue 140C

Perfect wall fan system

Big Dutchman’s AirMaster series has had several energy-efficient fans that offered numerous benefits like robustness, high-motor efficiency and corrosion resistance among others. 

The advanced AirMaster Blue 140C fan offers efficiency and effectiveness with zero complexities. It is an ideal choice for long houses having tunnel ventilation since it is highly resistant against pressure.


  • Consumes less energy and offers high performance
  • Cone has an aerodynamic design leading to very low noise levels
  • Comes with a motorised shutter that shuts the fan airtight
  • Allows connected to an emergency opening system
  • Made with top-quality stainless steel and plastic ensuring corrosion resistance


  • It is delivered unassembled thus reducing transportation costs
  • The fans have an IP 65 protection rating meaning high-pressure cleaners can be used with ease