Step-by-step Scraper

Step-by-step Scraper

Ideal manure removal system

The innovative Step by step manure scraper conveniently removes manure from underneath the plastic slates. Automatically removing manure on a regular basis prevents fly larva from hatching and creates a healthier environment for the birds to grow. Regular removal of manure also reduces the cleaning period and downtime between batches, which increases the profitability of your farm. 

The manure scraper is placed in a 2m wide channel and removes manure step by step from the back to the front. The manure, which is scraped from underneath the slats, drops onto a conveyor located at the back of the house. Via the conveyor the manure is transported out of the shed and into a truck or further processing station. The Step-by-Step manure scrapper comes with a control unit and has the option for both automatic and manual control.


  • Regular removal of manure for a healthier environment
  • Healthier birds and better performance
  • Prevent fly larva from hatching and reduce ammonia emission
  • Clean up to 15 cm thick manure
  • Offers both manual and automatic control


  • The scraper’s standard width is 1.8 m
  • Has a galvanised base frame
  • Speed of the scrapper is 17.5m/min
  • It consists of a drive unit, manure scraper, and an idler unit