Plastic Slats for Manure Scraper

Plastic Slats for Manure Scraper

Easy to Use and Maintain

Designed to be used together with the step-by-step manure scraper system, this larger slat option comes with connecting pipes with extra sturdiness and durability. The holes on these slats are also finer, making them easily accessible for day-old chicks. 

Convenient to use and to clean than any other traditional flooring methods, the slats allow waste to fall through easily onto the floor. The higher level of hygiene keeps the flock healthy by minimising occurrences of footpad dermatitis and breast blisters, while improving growth rate and feed conversion ratio. 

The use of this plastic slat together with the step-by-step or rollover scraper ensures optimised hygiene levels and reduced ammonia levels within the internal climate of the poultry house.


  • Easy set-up and assembly, ideal for use with manure scraper system 
  • Added sturdiness and durability with connecting pipes 
  • Hassle-free cleaning with low maintenance requirements


  • Dimensions: 1960mm x 800mm  
  • Hole Size: 11mm x 16mm
  • Colour: White