6-Legged Plastic Slat

6-Legged Plastic Slat

Legged Plastic Slats for Concrete Floors

Durable and easy to set-up, these plastic slats come with 6 legs to be placed directly on concrete floors. The holes on these slats are also finer, making them easily accessible for day-old chicks. 

Convenient to use and to clean than any other traditional flooring methods, the slats allow waste to fall through easily onto the floor. This results in a higher level of hygiene to keep the flock healthy by minimising occurrences of footpad dermatitis and breast blisters, while improving growth rate and feed conversion ratio.


  • No additional support required 
  • Easy set-up and assembly, suitable for concrete floors 
  • Extra stability with 6 legs 
  • Hassle-free cleaning after each cycle with low maintenance requirements


  • Dimensions: 800mm x 600mm (height: 200mm) 
  • Hole Size: 11mm x 16mm
  • Colour Options: White & Black 
  • Made from recycled materials