A global big seller scores with new features

Since its introduction to the market over 10 years ago, the Relax colony nest has been used for 5.5 million bird places and has become one of Big Dutchman's bestsellers.

The colony nest is ideal for the production of high-quality hatching eggs. Build on the solid principles of the first model, the design has been enhanced in Relax 2.0, with a new roof shape for added stability and ease of cleaning.


  • The high entrance height makes it easy for the birds to enter the nest
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Enables easy monitoring of the nest and the egg belt 
  • Egg rolling speed is reduced by the three-point bearing of the egg belt, and provides stability during transportation
  • Contact between egg and egg belt are minimised, reducing the number of cracked and dirty eggs


  • Two different egg belt widths (40 mm / 50 mm) are available, both with and without separating strip
  • The roof parts can be lifted separately
  • The triangular holes and the high share of holes on the egg belt overall lower the eggs’ speed