Perfect nest and egg collection system

Breeder production needs an enhanced system and Big Dutchman’s NXB3 ensures you get exactly that. This nest and egg collection mechanism offers several improvements over the NXB2, its predecessor. It has been enhanced with over 70% more strength, smoother belt running, better coverage of egg belt, among several other enhancements. The product is in line with the goals of Big Dutchman to supply quality materials and ameliorate them over the years.


  • Easy to assemble since it is partly assembled and has less components
  • Comes with a sturdy design having easily removable covers
  • Efficiently dissipates static electricity 
  • Offers vast coverage of the egg belt
  • Provides smoother egg belt run compared to its predecessor
  • Offers easy accessibility for birds to reach their nests thanks to the optimized entrance and nest hole height
  • Provides amazing hatching egg quality, for it has wire mesh egg channel with a perforated egg belt


  • Comes in 16, 18, and 20 nest holes
  • Has center and side belt nest models