Colony/Group Nest

Colony/Group Nest

Community style nest with more laying space for hens

The community style layout, designed around our RELAX nest for group laying has proven to provide birds with a better laying environment around the world.

The automatic group laying nest with slated floor and manure pit positioned centrally in the house create a comfortable and safe environment for the hens to lay their eggs in groups without fighting for space. Clever positioning of the nipple drinkers in front of the nest, while separate feeding lines for male and female, encourages healthy bird activities for mating to produce high quality fertilised eggs.

With our experience and your requirement, we will plan and design the house that creates the best breeder environment. We ensure that all aspects of breeding are integrated, synchronised seamlessly by utilising advance equipment, precision buildings and innovative technology so that you can have a successful breeder operation with production flow to meet your day- old chick demand.


  • Consultation, planning and design to meet your requirements 
  • Optimal housing size and layout 
  • Correct feeding concept 
  • Easy access to the nest 
  • Ample freedom of movement 
  • Correct size and height of the manure pit 
  • Short rolling-off distances and gentle transport of eggs 
  • High-quality, easy-to-clean materials for optimum hygiene


Features the following equipment and systems for a comprehensive colony nest solution: 

  • RELAX automatic group laying nest 
  • Automatic Egg Collection 
  • Manure pit with plastic slats 
  • Automatic Manure Scrapper System 
  • Nipple drinkers 
  • Female Champion Chain Feeding System or pan feeding with ReproMatic and FlexxBreeder 
  • Male Feeding Systems – Pan or Chain Feeding 
  • Daily accurate feeds weighing for monitoring and feed control