ReproMatic Pan Feeding

ReproMatic Pan Feeding

The feeding system developed specifically for broiler breeders

ReproMatic was developed exclusively for broiler breeders that combines chain and pan feeding systems.

The aim is to produce birds with uniform physical and sexual development during rearing and a high, long-lasting reproductive capability during the production phase. This can only be achieved with restricted feeding of both males and females.

Therefore, feed must be readily available in each pan as soon as feeding starts. The system of choice is a high-capacity conveying system consisting of an open feed channel with chain.


  • Developed exclusively for broiler breeders
  • Feed is always readily available in each pan
  • The feeding system can be easily adapted to any house situation because the chain drive is always detached from the feed hopper
  • Made of durable material with long service life
  • Trouble-free operation with a dependable, high-quality system


  • High chain speed of 36 m/min
  • Motor output of 1.1/1.5 or 2.2 kW, depending on the chain length.
  • The CHALLENGER feed chain conveys large quantities of feed at a very high conveying speed:
    • 2 t/h conveying capacity
    • High tensile strength
    • Smooth chain operation within the channel
    • Open system for easy maintenance
  • The specially-designed corner wheel is extremely reliable:
    • Fully hardened guide rail
    • Lubrication-free bearing made of plastic
    • Wear-resistant bottom (Hardox 400)