The modern broiler breeder housing system for artificial insemination

UNIVENT Parents-AI is a housing concept for broiler breeders which are to be inseminated artificially. The hygienic and efficient system consists of a three-tier manure belt battery separation of male and female birds.

A housing system for broiler breeders must meet very specific requirements, including:

  • Controlled feeding
  • Easy access to the birds during artificial insemination
  • Secure transport of the hatching eggs

Zinc-aluminium coated wire meshes are used for the bottom wires, cage fronts and sides. This special alloy resists corrosion and rust more effectively than other materials, thus guaranteeing a long service life.


  • Enables significantly higher stocking density compared to barn egg production
  • Considerably fewer males required (ratio 1:16)
  • Artificial insemination improves fertilisation rates permanently
  • Improved hygienic conditions
  • Good egg quality and clean hatching eggs
  • Low mortality rate
  • High efficiency due to a high degree of automation  
  • Supply of daily feed rations for males and females
  • Low ammonia emissions


  • A high degree of automation, including for feed and water supply, egg collection and manure removal
  • Step-access feed trough on all tiers (ideal for inspection)