Pelletising dried manure for large farm complexes

The BD PelletTower is a clever and innovative solution for large farm complexes. It is designed to save space, with a short transfer distance between the pellet mill and the bagging unit. This ensures consistent high quality of the pellets while keeping breaking to a minimum.


  • Produces pellets of high quality, with virtually no breaking
  • Uses modern measuring and process technology for a permanently high pellet quality
  • Ideal for transport and storage with minimal space requirement
  • Simple and accurate spreading of the pellets as fertiliser
  • Offers versatile marketing possibilities, such as in horticulture and viticulture


  • Pellet diameter of 5 mm and lengths of 20 to 30 mm
  • Working capacity up to 5 tons per hour
  • Good visualisation, simple control and monitoring via touchscreen
  • Able to pelletise other residues from agriculture, such as digestate and litter