Proven wet manure removal system

Ideal for daily use, the Rollover Scraper is a simple but durable system that effectively removes wet manure from channels underneath the houses. Automatically removing manure on a regular basis prevents fly larva from hatching and creates a healthier environment for the animals to grow. Regular removal of manure also reduces the cleaning period and downtime between batches, which increases the profitability of your farm. 

As a more affordable solution, the Rollover Scraper required only one drive unit for two manure channels. Width of the scraper can also be customised up to 2.5m for improved scraping capacity, even in houses exceeding 80 metres in length.


  • Automated, regular manure removal for reduced ammonia emissions
  • Helps maintain a hygienic and healthier environment in the houses 
  • Fast scraping action with speeds up to 20m per minute 
  • Robust and durable to be used daily
  • Able to easily handle manure thickness of up to 15cm


  • Suitable for wet manure, with up to 20% dry matter content 
  • Removal rate: 
    • House length of less than 80m: daily removal 
    • House length of more than 80m: twice daily removal 
  • Cable winch drive unit capable to handling 2 manure channels