EcoMatic Pro

EcoMatic Pro

Volume-based Feed Dispensing

EcoMatic dispenses each feed component according to volume, which does away with the need of a mixing tank. 

A speed-controlled auger is situated in the feed hopper under each silo and dispenses the correct amounts of components into the Dry-Rapid conveying pipe. These components, dispensed one after another, are mixed in the conveying pipe to create the required recipe for a portion, which is then dispensed by valves or feeders, similarly to the Dry-Exact system.


  • Individual feed mix for each valve
  • Every feed valve allows multi-phase feeding to feed pigs based on their age and to save on feed cost
  • Can be upgraded to become an optional sensor feeding system, where each hopper is equipped with a sensor that informs the computer of any empty hopper when feeding starts
  • Automatic recording of feed consumption per pen or per room
  • Ad libitum subcircuits as cost-efficient feeding method


  • Up to 12 restrictive circuits
  • Up to 12 ad libitum circuits per restrictive circuit
  • Up to 1000 feed valves (up to 200 per circuit)
  • Up to 32 silos
  • Up to 150 feeding times
  • Up to 30 small quantity dosing devices (e.g. for medicines or minerals)
  • Up to 50 volume dispenser releases
  • Up to 8 eating timetables