PureLine Group Lactation

PureLine Group Lactation

Group lactation pens for better care of piglets and sows

An innovative concept, group lactation pens allow piglets and sows to remain together from as early as the third day after birth and lets the sow rear piglets in a group, which is their natural behavior. The pen comfortably accommodates three sows along with their piglets, with dedicated areas for the sows and piglets. The exclusive design ensures that the piglets have easy access to the sows, but the sows don’t have access to the area where the piglets live.


  • Suitable for undocked pigs
  • The sows can easily move in and move out to mingle among themselves because of the easy-to-open partitions in the rear part of the pen
  • Lesser numbers of ranking tussles in flat-deck pens since piglets learn socializing early
  • Reduced stress during feed changes in flat-deck pens as the piglets are already used to eating from the sows’ trough
  • The sows are healthier owing to the large space allowing more room for movement


  • 16.5 sq m dedicated area for sows
  • 4.5 sq m separate piglet area